Debate competition: Discover your voice

“Discover your voice” is a debate competition, which provides an opportunity for students of FEECE to come forward and showcase their debating potential and helps them to learn and develop the skills and the confidence they need to speak in front of an audience. It aims to impart individuals with the communication and convincing skills that are a necessity of today’s fast moving and challenging world.We provide a platform for the individuals to let them discover their inner voices and express their inner voices and express their budding potency which has been veiled from the world.

- Rules & Regulations  
- Registration Form
Fee: PKR 1000 per team
Members per team: 3
Prize Money: PKR 3000

Last Date of Registration: 5th March, 2014
Audition Date: Auditions started from February 26, 2014
Selection Notification: 6 March, 2014
Co-ordinators: Madam Sara Qadeer and Madam Sanobar Farheen, ES department
Venue: Auditorium

Sketching competition: Splash Your Imagination

Every individual has a unique imagination and sometimes all that is needed to make use of that imagination is a suitable platform. We provide the students of FEECE , just what they need. Splash Your Imagination is a module where the talented minds will get a chance to put forward their artistic talents and eccentric ideas. The purpose is basically to stretch the minds of youth and discover the horizons that can be reached. Participants will be provided with certain topic and they will have to sketch to the best of their abilities, relevant to the topic.
A brush, a canvas and then magic moments will commence.

- Rules and Regulations
- Registration Form
Fee: PKR 200
Prize Money: PKR 1000

Last Date of Registration: 5th March, 2014
Selection Notification: 6th March, 2014
Venue: Robbing room, Auditorium

Gaming Competition: Game-A-Zone

We intend to arrange a LAN based gaming competition for amateur gamers open to all students of FEECE. This would be a very interesting event in an otherwise academically tiring semester for  the  students.  This  activity  would  prove  to  be  a  good  source  of  recreation  for  the  students.  The computer games that are included are:

1.Counter Strike 1.6.
Fee: PKR 500 per team
Members per team: 5
Prize Money: 1000 pkr

2.Need For Speed: Most Wanted.
Fee: PKR 100 per participant
Prize Money: PKR 500

- Rules and Regulations
- Registration Form

Last Date of Registration: 28th February, 2014

Selection Notification: 3rd March, 2014
Venue: Electronics department