Meet the students-Inspiring Excellence:

We will be honoured to have the presence of Mohammed Shahid Mirza, the Founder and Managing director of Satzel Pvt Ltd. He has worked with Various world renowned organizations such as STC/ITT, Page/Northop, GTE etc on world wide projects, such as EMBRATEL of Brazil and Ministry of Communications of Iran. The Ministry of Communications project called INTS was/is the biggest project in Telecommunications which laid the whole Telecommunication infrastructure in Iran, worth about 1 billion dollars in 1971.  This project helped in providing experience in all the Telecommunication technologies current at that time.
After completion of INTS project was employed as a consultant to the Ministry to help support the Infrastructure.

After returning to Pakistan founded Saztel in 1985. Saztel provides computer connectivity solutions to Enterprises. Saztel has completed land mark projects for multi nationals, Government organizations, Educational institutions, Hospitals, Financial organizations and Multi-discipline industries. Recently started a new Division dealing in PV Solar solutions.
He is currently the Managing Director of Saztel (Pvt) Limited. He would share with us his experiences and the hardships he had to face in his journey of life. 

Venue: Auditorium 

Arts Exhibition: Artival

People from different walks of life display certain interest in arts and crafts, for the people interested in arts and design, we will be organizing an arts exhibition where students form CEAD, MUET, Jamshoro will be invited to exhibit their artworks ranging from fine arts to sculptures. These exhibits will be up for sale as well.

Venue: Auditorium

Skits: Skit-o-mania

The organizers of Synergy’14 believe that no talent should go wasted. In continuation of this motive, platform is provided to the students of FEECE faculty who are aspiring performers to come forward and present 10 minute skits which are informative and entertaining. The aim of the skits is to increase the confidence level and performance capacity and unveil the budding potential.

-Rules & Regulations
-Registration Form

Last Date of Registration: 28th February, 2014 
Date for Auditions: Auditions started
Selection Notification: 5th March, 2014
Venue: Auditorium

Recreation Outdoors:

For all the food lovers and the people who get bored in the confined space of the auditorium after some time, there will be all kinds of food stalls outside in the open where people can enjoy good food in open air, and a variety of stalls with all kinds of games and other recreational stuff. 

- To book stall, please download attached Registration form and email it to:

Apart from above attractions there will be 

- Mime show
- A Mini Book Fair
- Photo-shoot booth
- Ice-breaking session 
- Surprise gifts and much much more